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Raspberry Pi Model B


I still have one of those laying around and while currently unused I came across a few different ways to set it up.

Full OS

The official OS still supports it, so it can be a viable option.

The alternative operating systems I’d like to experiment with are:

Appliance-style deployment

GoKrazy, but I need to identify what to run on it.


Reduce vm.swappiness to write less data to the SD card. More details

Use /usr/bin/tvservice –o to disable HDMI. More details

Disable video out. More details

Reduce logging on by configuring rngd

Use write protection in addition to mounting the SD partition as read only.

Network boot

More tricks to mitigate instability particularly useful the hardware watchdog.

Setting the systemd.volatile=overlay kernel boot parameter turns the root file system into read-only mode and any modification goes to a tmpfs overlay.

Project ideas

Thanks for reading. Feel free to reach out for any comment or question.