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Octopus Agile


Octopus Agile is a smart tariff that has different prices through the day. It has 30 minutes slots with prices roughly:

Owning solar panels and batteries I can try to take advantage of these prices.


Empirically my 5kWh battery (from Growatt) can be charged/discharged at 3kW (down-rated to 2.16 kWh when it’s too cold). To fully charge form 10% it’s going to take about 2 hours. Storing energy in the battery incurs in losses

Inverter configuration

Putting the inverter in “Battery first” mode can help taking advantage of Octopus Agile. The AC charging setting toggles between these two behaviours:

More details on the operation modes.

Saving sessions

It's possible to get an advanced warning. Source of truth is the demand flexibility service page from the national grid, also tracked on the Octopus forum. Source

Thanks for reading. Feel free to reach out for any comment or question.