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Lyca Mobile


I recently switched to Lyca Mobile and so far the experience has been definitely of the “you get what you pay for” kind.

The Good

If you are looking for really cheap plans, eSIMs support and an okay (but not the best) service you might want to be considering Lyca. In particular I found the “cheap provider offering eSIM” combination to be still rare in the UK.

The Bad

Despite having auto renewal of my plan they managed to charge me a few pennies for data I used during the month rollover. I’m not sure how that happened but this is a signal of a very inadequate backed system. I asked for a refund (more out of principle than anything else) and I’m still waiting for a reply. Customer service isn’t their strong suit.

Only one between phone calls and mobile data can work at a given time. That’s could be an issue if I’m out, someone calls me and I need to look something up online.

Somehow it supports receiving but not sending text messages to short codes. This can be just annoying of 7726 doesn’t work and I cannot report nuisance calls. It can be more serious if I cannot reply to SMS my bank sends me to authorise or deny transactions they’re investigating. The bank number actually works when I'm the UK but not when I am abroad. Odd but maybe not Lyca's fault.

Information on their website isn’t fully accurate. For instance they claim they don’t support eSIMs for iPhone 15 when it works just fine. I’m not sure if this is a case of “iPhone is unsuppprted but still works” or a case of “the documentation is out of date”. Either way, it doesn’t look great if they claim not to support one of the most popular phones in the country.

Causes of issues

They rely on Transatel backed system which has issues with short code SMS messaging.

They do not support VoLTE nor WiFi calling so when on a call data connectivity drops.

Wikipedia has a comparison of features supported by UK MVNOs

Thanks for reading. Feel free to reach out for any comment or question.