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Fujitsu Esprimo G5010

Missing power estimate in powertop

powertop used to show power esitmate when running Proxmox VE 7.4 and Linux Kernel 6.2.11-2-pve. It stopped working after I upgraded to Proxmox VE 8.0, which comes with a Linux Kernel 6.2.16-3-pve

High power consumption due to interrupts

powertop shows high power consumption due to interrupts for interupt 128, IR-PCI-MSI-0000:00:14.0 0-edge xhci_hcd. I believe this happens only when I the system reaches an uptime of a few days and when it has the electricity smart meter display plugged into an USB port. The display only uses the USB port for power, so it's strange that it is affecting the system.

This thread has a similar issue and list the boot option usbcore.autosuspend=-1 as a possible workaround.


This machine with Proxmox has been rock solid so far but I had a couple hiccups around networking and kernel upgrades: network interface name instability and problems with the network adapter’s drivers. These issues are particularly bad because they force me to move the computer from its usual place and connect monitor and keyboard to fix them.

Headless boot

I set BIOS to ignore errors and applied these changes to Grub


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